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Sophia Rose is a self-taught Canadian artist that developed a passion for art from a young age, and drew inspiration from the works of Ivan Aivazovsky and Ilya Repin. She is best known for her unique and vibrant automobile paintings that capture and honour the individual characteristics and personalities of each automobile. Previously, she sold her pieces privately, but has recently expanded into the international markets. Alongside her love of art, she developed a strong interest in history, languages and both forms of horsepower. Interests lead to achievements that now include a Bachelor of Arts in History, fluency in multiple languages, and the skills of an accomplished equestrian.

Artist Statement

I am drawn to classic design, whether in art, fashion or cars. As a result, I favour the realist style and am inspired by tangible beauty.  I paint what makes me happy, makes me smile and what I hope brings those same feelings of happiness to those who share my art.

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